Who is Silver Alabama, and what do they do?

Silver Alabama is Cullman Alabama's highest paying precious metals, coin, and bullion buying company.

"Our investment ethics are fair, honest, and competitive"
Silver Alabama - (256) 615-2431

Silver Alabama is one of the only coin, bullion, and jewelry buying companies in the Cullman Alabama area that literally pays 100% - 105% of your metal value in weight. We offer the most competitive pricing structures available in the Cullman county. Check around and do the math for yourself because the facts show that the majority of local gold and silver buying companies only pay an average of 64% per troy ounce based upon live global spot prices. Not only do we pay you more per ounce, we're also willing to meet you half way to save you money and time. We are reliable, precise, and fair. Silver Alabama will by your precious metals using accurate up-to the minute spot pricing modules, and we give you the most return for your investment. Choose Silver Alabama when selling silver and gold coins, necklaces, rings, rounds, and more. Don't risk or accept loss on your investment by selling to other metal buying companies. Call us today at (256) 615-2431 or email at owner@silveralabama.com